DFWAPPA Scholarship Procedure

Scholarship funds will be awarded to eligible Facility Institutions of DFWAPPA. These scholarships can be used for attending conferences and or educational courses of APPA, CAPPA and TAPPA. These funds will assist in paying registration/fees, hotel, meals, and transportation costs, etc. within the scope of facilities/physical plant professionals.

Scholarship Funds will come from 50% of the net proceeds of DFWAPPA designated fundraisers and Business Partners donations.

A minimum of two (2) scholarships will be awarded annually (As Funds Allow) at the Annual Meeting.

Criteria eligibility for scholarship:

  • Institutions must be a DFWAPPA member and have been represented at least two (2) meetings during the year beginning at the May Annual Meeting.
  • A representative from the eligible Facility Institutions must be present at the May Annual Meeting in order to receive scholarship.