Board of Directors

Today’s arrangement for officers is unique to the APPA at-large (which includes TAPPA, CAPPA, and APPA). With the exception of the Treasurer, after one-year of service in each area each officer moves up to the next level as indicated in the current bylaws. This process will remain this way, unless bylaws are changed in the future.

The reason this model was chosen for the officer organization was simply for entry-level purposes. Due to DFWAPPA being a local chapter it is enabled to have easier access to entry level staff and supervisors. In addition, it is often entry level membership and leadership for APPA at-large. Many of these members and potential leaders have not had opportunities for leadership service in the APPA at-large organization. By the time they complete their leadership service with DFWAPPA, everyone will have experience as a Board Member, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President.

So, by giving all the officers experience in every aspect of leadership we feel that this will better prepare them for future service in other areas of APPA as well as for greater responsibilities within their facilities departments. We’re very grateful for these commitments to serving educational facilities management in this capacity.

David Muzzy

Past President
Texas Christian University – Retired

Jimmy Gresham

UNT Health Science Center

Christopher Harmon

Vice President
Dallas College

Robb Chock

University of Texas at Arlington


Jr. Board Member

Gail Henderson

UNT – Denton



Sr. Board Member

Rachel Widmer

Social Media Manager
Texas Christian University

Kevin Folsom

Trinity Christian Academy